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BeeezCrowd is a digital platform for equity based crowdfunding and digital 
partnership, the platform connects investors who wish to invest with micro, 
small, medium and startup companies that wish to obtain funding in order to 
expand, increase capital and keep working or start a business in exchange for 
an equity in the company through shares.

Any qualified natural person (individuals over 18 years old) and legal person (a 
company, investment fund, or any form of a legal entity) whose objective is to 
participate in a funding campaign through the “BeeezCrowd” platform and in 
return investor receives digital shares proportional to their investment as 
portion of the company for his investment. Investor become part owners of the 
fundraiser – sharing both the risks and rewards.  
accordance with the terms and conditions of this platform. 

Any qualified startups, short medium sized or early-stage companies and 
entrepreneurs seeking for funding/financing for ensuring the viability of the 
fundraiser’s business, growth and expansion of the operations and 

"The stock” or "The share " and in plural "shares" or "stocks" are the units 
that as a whole form the equity, they form the investment unit in the 
platform, and the value of the investment unit in the funding campaign is 
specified by the company initiated the campaign. The investor can invest in 
any number of shares not more than the maximum limit calculated digitally 
by the platform. At the end of the funding campaign, the share equity will 
be calculated in percentages. 

"Bonus shares" are free shares issued through BeeezCrowd by the fundraisers to the investors as gratitude and thanks to the investors in supporting the funding campaign of the company. BeeezCrowd gives the investor two shares for each investment unit (one share) the investor

contributes with it to support the funding campaign, expressing their gratitude and thanks to the investors in supporting the funding campaign of the company and to achieve the principle of digital partnership between the company and investors, and these bonus shares have the same characteristics and features.

"Digital Partnership "refers to a new principle and system of the equity based crowdfunding, in which BeeezCrowd will grant Two Bonus Shares for every single share invested in any funding campaign through platform, as a gratitude from the campaign owner to investor, with the permission to investor to cancel/ reduce his investment in the active campaigns subject to having another investor/investors contributing to the same campaign by investing through shares. The cancellation process is digitally processed on the bases of First in First Out bases. The Investor Refund Amount for each share cancelled/reduced is 42% of the share value, and this feature is applicable on all the shares including the bonus shares.

The below diagram illustrates the parties involved in the process of crowdfunding: 1. Equity-crowdfunding platform. 2. Investors. 3. Fundraiser (startups, SMEs, early-stage companies).

1. Equity-crowdfunding platform.

2. Investors.

3. Fundraiser (startups, SMEs, early-stage companies).

The platform targets the companies inside the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan; however, the platform allows companies in other countries to benefit from the services of "launching a campaign via the platform. knowing that the platform is not responsible for the laws or regulations or instructions applicable in this country regarding the crowdfunding with the shares participation system and is not responsible if obtaining funding through the platform is contrary to any of the laws or regulations or instructions of the country of the company requesting funding, and in the case of submitting a request for funding through the platform, the company exempts the platform and completely releases its responsibility from any legal responsibility and the company is responsible for obtaining the amount of funding by legal means

Companies requesting fund must fill out information about the company and the funding required, and then submit the campaign request, but the campaign will not go live until it is granted approval by the administration of BeeezCrowd’s platform, after reviewing and checking the data provided, bearing in mind that the platform admin may ask the company to provide some additional documents or complete the shortcomings.

All funding campaigns on BeeezCrowd must be flexible campaigns: The fun ding campaign is considered to be successful if it achieves any raised amou nt, and the amount will be transferred to the fundraiser by the end of the campaign's period after deducting the platform fees. Also, the equity corresponding to the amount of funding will be recalculated according to the value of funding raised based on the equity put forward against the value of the funding goal of the company.

fundraiser must specify the period of the campaign (the campaign period is limited to 120 days).

When it gets the target amount or on its deadline. 

In order to start investing via BeeezCrowd platform, the investor must complete the data specified by the platform.

In order for the investor to be an “accredited investor”, the investor must complete some other data, and this data will be reviewed by the administration in order to give him the feature of a “accredited investor”.

The "accredited investor" feature provides the following:

-Investing in campaigns available to accredited investors only.

-The investment limit for accredited investors is higher than that of unaccredited investors.

The investor receives a certificate as proof of his ownership of a number of shares in the fundraiser proportional to his investment.

Each investor is entitled to a stake in the company proportional to their investment. Receiving returns, if achieved.

Investing by contributing for funding a campaign through BeeezCrowd is a process that does not accept to be returned by nature, however the platform allowed the investor wishing to cancel/reduce the volume of his investment in a campaign including bonus shares, to submit a digital request( online via the platform) specifying the number of shares he wishes to cancel/return if the funding campaign is still active, and in case there is a request from another investor or investors to invest in that funding campaign, the cancellation/reduction request of the investment volume will be accepted by no more than the number of shares and the volume of investment made by other investors and transfer the investment shares to them, knowing that the platform will determine the priority of accepting cancellation/reduction volume of investment automatically (autonomously) and depending on submitting of the request (First in First Out). In that case, 42% of the value of each investment unit cancelled/returned and includes the bonus shares will be returned to the investor's digital balance (the value of one share). The platform does not guarantee that the investor will receive this feature at all times except as explained earlier.

The official currency in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is (Jordanian Dinar).

The platform provides the investor with the following payment methods (Credit Card, PayPal, Offline direct transfer to the platform's account IBAN, and BeeezCrowd Cards).

No, the platform does not collect fees from the investor. 

The platform collects a fixed fee of 8% of the total amount raised at the end of the campaign’s period or at the closure date of campaign.

The amounts of investors and companies are kept in their digital balance inside the platform.

The platform's relationship with investors and companies ends at the end of the campaign and the issuance of the certificate of ownership of the shares.

BeeezCrowd does not have any minimum amount for investment. The investor can invest as little as 1 JOD/1 $ according to the campaign share value of the campaign he/she/it intends to invest in. 

Equity crowdfunding introduces a new approach to the investing and capital-raising process. It can offer several benefits to both companies and investors.

1. Easier access to capital Online crowdfunding platforms allow entrepreneurs and companies to showcase their projects to a larger number of potential investors, as compared to conventional forms of capital raising.

2. Less pressure on the management Unlike the conventional forms of financing, such as venture capital, equity crowdfunding does not result in a dilution of power within a company.

3. Lucrative returns Although startups are inherently risky ventures, there is still a possibility that a company may become a unicorn and provide very lucrative returns to the investors.

There are risks that you should be aware of if you wish to invest in an offer provided by a Fundraiser on our platform website. You are strongly advised to read through the risks listed below in order to help you make an informed decision. 


▪ Most of the Issuers/Fundraiser are startups or companies at their early stages or small and medium enterprises ("SMEs"). Investing in these entities may result in significant gains due to their business potentials and business opportunities. However, they are relatively risky ventures and there is a high risk of business failure due to lack of substantive operating history. Therefore, you may end up losing all the money you invested.

▪ The growth and survival of a Fundraiser will partially depend on the ability of its directors / promoters to maintain and promote the business. In the event the directors / the promoters fail to carry out their obligations, you may also end up losing all your investments.

2. RISK OF ILLIQUIDITY When you want to dispose of your shares and/or exit the Issuer/Fundraiser you invest in, the exit options are limited. The Issuers are private companies hence there is no public market available for the shares unless the Issuer becomes a public listed Fundraiser, or when the Issuer is acquired by another Fundraiser. However, all these events may take a number of years and it will be difficult for you to cash out or exit in the short term. “BeeezCrowd” however, grants the investor an advantageous option to cancel or reduce his investment volume as per “Cancellation / Investment Volume Reduction Policy” stipulated in the terms and conditions posted on the platform website.

3. RISK OF NO RETURN As discussed, the Issuers are mostly startups or at their early stages or SMEs. The return in the manner of dividends and/or profits may take a number of years to materialize. In most cases, the Issuers/Fundraiser may opt to not distribute dividends and/or profits. Profits, if any, are most likely reinvested back into the Issuers. Therefore, if you wish to materialize your returns in the short term, Equity crowdfunding may not be your most ideal choice.

4. RISK OF DILUTION OF SHARES The Issuers that manage to grow their businesses are likely to raise more capital. When new shares are issued, your shareholding percentage will be diluted, i.e., your digital ownership of the Fundraiser will reduce. It may not necessary be detrimental to you as your shares may be more valuable if the Fundraiser’s valuation increases after several funding rounds. However, in some cases, due to the nature of Issuers/Fundraiser, the shares are diluted in both valuation and percentage. Dilution of shares may also occur in the event an Issuer/Fundraiser grants its shares to its employees through employee share option schemes or any other similar methods.

5. LACK OF CONTROL OF THE FUNDRAISER The investor shall not have any right pertaining to: ▪ Issuer/Fundraiser management and decision making. ▪ Voting rights or attending ordinary or extraordinary meetings. You are advised to read the terms listed on our platform Website in regard to an offer you are interested in to understand the rights granted by an Issuer/Fundraiser to you.

6. PAST PERFORMANCE AND FORECASTS Past performance and forecasts are not reliable and shall not form a guarantee of future investment performance. Therefore, you shall always conduct necessary assessments to make an informed investment decision.

7. LACK OF INFORMATION The Issuers/Fundraiser are expected to provide general information of their offers on our platform Website to the Investors. However, there is no statutory obligation placed on the Issuers/Fundraiser that they must provide you with all business, financial and all other information as required by you. Therefore, there is a risk that you might not be able to conduct accurate and full assessments in regard to an offer you are interested with. 8. OTHER RISKS All transactions and/or payments made on our platform Website shall be in Jordanian Dinar (JD) unless agreed and specified otherwise. If you are an Investor, and you make payment through an overseas account, the money you pay will be subject to the exchange rate at that particular time and taxes, if applicable. As a result, your investment amount, after being converted into Jordanian Dinar (JD) may differ from the original amount. Any loss arising from this Clause shall be your own risk and we shall not be liable whatsoever.

Instead of the usual methods of recharging the balance such as bank transfer and PayPal, BeeezCrowd also provides the possibility of recharging the balance through BeeezCrowd cards, which can be purchased from the Nardeal website. After purchasing a specific card, you will receive a message to your e-mail containing the card code.

1. Go to the Nardeal website to buy a card.

2. As soon as you purchase a specific card, you will receive a message to your e-mail containing the card code.

3. Copy the card code.

4. Log in to your BeeezCrowd account.

5. Go to Digital Balance and press 'Add'.

6. Choose BeeezCrowd Cards.

7. Paste the card code and press Submit.